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"healing is an art and an act of imagination"

Sacred Medicine for Body Mind & Soul

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Deborah Epstein is a visionary artist, shamanic practitioner, and embody worker.

"It is my belief that healing is an art and is an act of imagination and creation." 

Deborah's passion lies in changing how we think about healing. What if there were nothing to fix? What if the body is always in a state of creating health? What if we can align ourselves to our highest potential, reduce pain, increase joy, and allow our body to actively create health?

Deborah engages the client by blending the modalities of body work which addresses the fascia and structural imbalances in the body, creative expression which helps the client process emotions and build imagination, and shamanic and ceremonial practices which ground and develop "right relationship" with the body and the earth.

Deborah guides clients to imagine, create, and embody healing. These practices help to remove blocks in the subconscious operating system, ie. subconscious patterns and actions, to allow our body/mind to align to health.

On this site, you will find visionary and expressive works of art and coming soon- programs to increase imagination, creativity and embodiment.


For now, please, have a look around. 

We Are The Sacred Medicine

"The only reason we are not integrating all the pachas (worlds) and receiving our guidance solely from the hanaqpacha (superior realm/heaven) is because we have a lack of imagination –not will, not capacity –imagination" 

-don Oscar Miro-Quesada

The Sacred Medicine Journey


Shamanic Practices

The Pachakuti (world reversal) Mesa Tradition altar or "PMT" is a medicine altar derived from two ancient Peruvian lineages, taught by don Oscar Miro-Quesada. It is used as a ground for ritualistic shamanic journeying and shamanic healing practices.The Mesa helps us to come to understanding, through experience, of our connection with ourselves, with the earth, with the universe and with all of creation as well as our connection with a power greater than ourselves.


Creative Expression

 Developing a creative practice helps to flex the imagination muscles and alchemically shift the mind's ability to creatively solve problems and to dream a new way of being.

Imagination is the key ingredient in any change that we are wanting to create. Whether it is creating health, joy, abundance,  implementing life changes, or moving into our purpose. Creative practices can rewire our brains and change our thinking. This is not art, this is creation; creation needs imagination.



Embodiwork is a blend of the modalities in which I have been trained-Myofascial Release, Crainiosacral, and Reiki. 

The fascial system is the fiber optic network of the body. It is the system which does the connecting - system to system, cell to cell. It is everywhere in our body. 

Engaging this system slowly and gently and guiding the client with gentle dialogue, the client is able to let go and gently allow the body to open and release on deep levels, long held traumas, belief systems, and patterns of movement.

Visionary Art : New Work

In her visionary work, Deborah explores the interconnected nature of the universe

"as above so below", the web of the body as the cosmos, and most recently she is bringing into form –light codes: a language of the heart and the stars.


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